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  CUSTOMIZED LESSONS based on your specific needs!
  Servicing Northern New Jersey and New York City
CEDARS Languages we teach languages in a special and unique way. Our lessons are planned with YOU in mind. We prepare classes, schedules and teaching materials based on your specific needs.

• Servicing Northern New Jersey and New York City
corporate accounts available

• We believe in individualized instruction based on the learner’s specific needs, that’s why we meet with our students to discuss their goals and implement special instructional plans for them.

• We provide a variety of teaching methodologies to make language acquisition fun and interesting.

• We travel to your house or workplace to bring you the language that you need to learn.

• Our school offers the following languages:
  > French
  > Spanish
  > Arabic
  > English
New School
Certified & Experienced Teachers
••••• Teaching plans we offer •••••
Small and large groups
Individual tutoring
Various schedules
Adults and children classes
Beginners to advanced
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1 (201) 218 - 9172
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